Wild Type Axolotl


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Offering Wild Type Axolotl (Ambystoma mexicanum).

A curious animal from Mexico City, Axolotl are salamanders that haven’t undergone full metamorphosis, but remain in a partly developed phase right through t adulthood, with a set of gills.

Their activity levels tend to be based on their surrounding temperature, therefore temperatures of 18 degrees are best, to provide for active life, lower and higher extremes can lead to quick death.

Spending much of their time at the bottom of tanks, it’s recommended to provide 50 litres for an axolotl, where they will hunt various types of provided worms, as well as commercial foods they may be trained to accept.

Substrate remains a controversial topic, with some suggesting fine sand to aid digestion that may be excreted out, others suggest gravel no smaller than 3 mm to avoid choking or impaction since this animal tends to indiscriminately swallow prey and substrate.

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