White Wizard Snail


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Offering White Wizard Snail (filopaludina martensi).


The shape of the shell is ovate-conic. The apex is acute and violet-black in colour. The umbilicus of the shell is very narrow. There are fine spiral lines on the shell. The color of the shell is white with light brown marks. The shell has 6 – 7 convex whorls. Whorls are with upper spiral lines, some are obsolescently sculptured. The last whorl is swollen. The aperture is oblique, ovately rounded. The aperture is cerulean-white in colour. The upper part of the aperture is not acute. The peristome is straight, thick, blunt, often outwardly blackish. The width of the shell is up to 31 millimetres (1.2 in). The height of the shell is up to 55 millimetres (2.2 in). The length of the aperture is up to 21 millimetres (0.83 in). The operculum has the color of horn with golden shining and it is widely ovate. There are concentric lines on the operculum.

Disposition & Behavior

Filopaludina martensi is calm, peaceful and non-aggressive snail by nature. It has no means to attack its tank mates and has only its shell and operculum to defend itself from predators. Filopaludina martensi can be very active during lighted times, effortlessly moving throughout the tank in search of food or a safe place to rest. Filopaludina martensi can also very active at night. For as active as Filopaludina martensi can be, they can be equally inactive. Its not unusual for the snails to appear dormant and motionless for long stretches of time. When in inactive mode, Filopaludina martensi may like to hide near plants, under rocks, or behind power filter intakes.


Filopaludina martensi lives in canals and ponds. It feeds (as do all other Viviparidae) as a filter feeder. There are in development 0 – 14 juveniles in a brood-pouch of a female. Female gave birth to juveniles mainly at night. Its important that the snails are kept in an aquarium water with sufficient calcium to maintain healthy shell growth. A healthy shell whorl should be smooth in texture from just above the mantle to the apex. A healthy shell will not be thin or excessively cracked or pitted. A thin, cracked or pitted shell can indicate a calcium deficiency, so periodic calcium supplements may be necessary. Filopaludina martensi can do well in a wide range of aquarium water conditions, but its a good idea to stay within the tropical community fish tank range with clear, moderately moving, oxygen rich water. Recommended water parameters for Filopaludina martensi: temperature 20°C – 26°C, water hardness 5 – 20 dGH, acidity pH 6.0 – 8.0.


Filopaludina martensi is a proficient eater when in feeding mode. These snails are good scavengers and tank cleaners, seeking uneaten food and dead plant matter. Filopaludina martensi also seems to enjoy eating soft algae growing on aquarium glass, decorations, rocks, power filter intakes and other hard surfaces. Filopaludina martensi can also enjoy feeding on edible matter that accumulates on slow growing plant leaves like Anubias. Filopaludina martensi like supplements of fish food, bottom feeder pellets and an algae wafers. They also like supplements of washed soft blanched vegetables like green zucchini squash or green leaf lettuce. Its fun to try different vegetables to see if the snail is interested.

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