Trichopsis pumila


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Offering Trichopsis pumila (Sparkling Gourami).

An up and coming favourite fish for gourami fans and nano fish keepers, sparkling pygmy gourami grow to approximately 1.5 inches, displaying a variety of shimmering colours including blue, green and reds, with bright blue eyes. A peaceful community dweller, they do well in small groups of their own kind in heavily planted tanks, where they can be seen interacting and audibly croaking at each other using its pectoral fins. Aim to provide warm, slow moving water, as this fish is an anabantid it can take advantage of these relatively oxygen depleted conditions using its labyrinth organ. Feed a mixed diet from commercial to live and frozen foods, to enhance their already attractive colours, and avoid housing with fish that may bully them and or outcompete for food.

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