Rocio octofasciata «Electric Blue»


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Offering Rocio octofasciata «Electric Blue» (Electric Blue Jack Dempsey Cichlid).

A heavyweight cichlid from North and Central America, so named after the famous American boxer Jack Dempsey due to its thick lipped facial feature and pugnacity. Electric Blue Jack Dempsey’s are a genetic morph, displaying extremely bright blue electric colouration covering the majority of their body. A by product of breeding efforts to maintain this strain tends to be less aggression, smaller sizes, and fragile fish, though recent specimens show an overcoming of these challenges. They can fairly accurately be sexed by gill plating (males have less coverage, females show spangling), as well as finnage, with males showing straighter, pointed fins, with females displaying rounded finnage. Growing to approximately 9-12 inches given appropriately sized aquaria, these are very thick-bodied and able fish, that can and will defend a territory from would be challengers. They prefer to occupy caves and hiding places rather than swim openly, and benefit from dither fish such as mollies to keep them feeling secure. Diet is best varied, with a mix of commercial, dried, live and/or frozen helping to maintain their health.

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