Pseudotropheus crabro


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Offering Pseudotropheus crabro (Bumblebee Mouthbrooder).

The Bumblebee Cichlid, growing to approximately 5.5 inches, is an aggressive mouthbrooder so named for its bee like colour pattern. Depending on its mood, it can change colour very rapidly from black to yellow with black bars. This interesting adaptation, comes from its relationship in nature with cave dwelling catfish, where it will advertise itself as a parasite cleaner using its yellow and black colours before morphing to black at night, in order to eat the catfish’s eggs. Being an mbuna, it is inherently aggressive, and can easily do well with other aggressive species. It isn’t fussy for food, and can be spotted competing for flakes, tablet, frozen and live along with other boisterous co-habitants. Rockwork and sandy substrate helps provide security, territory and stimulation regular water changes are also a must with this species, to maintain their health.

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