Polypterus senegalus


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Offering Polypterus senegalus (Senegal Bichir).

Senegal Bichir’s are an African fish, well-known for their ability to survive out of water for their life duration provided they are kept in a moist environment. For this reason it is studied intensively as well as kept by hobbyists; as an example of an animal that represents the link between moving from sea to land in many animal species. The Senegal variety of bichir, resembles a snake being long, slender with pectoral fins that allow it to glide through the water. They can often be seen scavenging, exploring and hunting; becoming inactive at night. They are primarily carnivorous, accepting dead and alive fish their diet should reflect this. Avoid housing with small fish that will fit into the bichir’s mouth, as inevitably they will be eaten.

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