Parachromis managuensis


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Offering Parachromis managuensis (Jaguar Cichlid).

A large, powerful and predatory Central American cichlid, Jaguars are so named for their body colouration that is similar to the big cat, and for their aggressive natures. Growing to sizes of up to 14 inches, they require large aquaria and carefully considered tank mates, if any. These fish have guapote mouth shape, designed to rip and tear flesh, reflecting their mode of hunting in the wild. They will often redecorate a tank to their own preferences, but standard décor such as sand, wood and tough plants such as anubias can work well, care must be taken with rock. They are unfussy eaters, accepting commercial, live or frozen foods, along with a bite of unsuspecting hands performing tank maintenance. Majestic fish at adult sizes, they command respect.

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