Parachromis dovii


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Offered  Parachromis dovii (Wolf Cichlid).

Perhaps among the most infamous cichlids in the hobby, the wolf cichlid or dovii has a fearsome well deserved reputation, as a merciless tank buster, growing to approximately 2 feet in size and unbridled aggression to match. It is recognisable by its stocky shape, and guapote mouth, designed to tear flesh it can and will grow to eviscerate tank mates, it is therefore best suited to an extremely large species only aquarium. It will readily accept various foods including live, frozen and commercial it is likely to attempt to also constantly attack its owner or anyone willing to approach its tank, slamming into the tank sides in attempts to scare intruders off. Glass breaking is a very real possibility with this fish, and should be noted. Aside from these points, the wolf cichlid is a beautifully patterned and colourful fish; with a calculated intelligence that is characteristic of cichlids. It is recommended for the experienced cichlid keeper who has the means to house it, and deal with its feisty personality.

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