Nimbochromis livingstonii


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Offering Nimbochromis livingstonii (Livingston’s Cichlid).

The Livingstonii cichlid, also known as Livingston’s cichlid, Livingston’s Hap or Livingstonii is a large fish growing to approximately 10 inches characterised by its recognisable splotched brown spots on a pale background which act as camouflage to ambush its prey. Indeed, this ambush method of hunting; involves the cichlid lying on its side motionlessly, until smaller fish approach, whereupon it very quickly lunges and captures them with a sideways head movement. In decorating their tank, they prefer open areas of water with some rockwork but not to the same degree as other African cichlids. Aim not to mix with aggressive mbunas, instead consider other large cichlids, or species specific tank only, with a higher ratio of females to males. They do require very large tanks in adulthood, so consider carefully before housing this beautiful addition.

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