Neolamprologus multifasciatus


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Offering Neolamprologus multifasciatus (Shelldweller Multifasciatus Cichlids).

Found in Lake Tanganyika, these shell dwelling fish are some of the bravest, smallest cichlids available, inhabiting empty snail shells in their natural habitat. It is the display of this natural behaviour that makes them popular in aquaria, where they will defend, claim and breed out of their own selected shells, displaying for dominance between each other. They do best in water with a higher pH similar to Lake Tanganyika, and tank mates should be chosen carefully. Often other shell dwellers will work, but aggressive, large African cichlids should be avoided. Aim to provide a soft sandy substrate they can dig and move around easily, along with approximately 2 – 3 shells per fish to allow for territorial and space requirements. These fish closely stick to claimed territories, rarely exploring even 6 inches outside of this in any direction, as such these fish can be housed in nano aquaria, though tanks with an emphasis on wide, long footprints give the best opportunity for success. They accept commercial, live and frozen foods, with a varied diet providing best colouration and health.

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