Neolamprologus brichardi


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Offering Neolamprologus brichardi (Princess Of Burundi).

The Fairy cichlid, being one of the first imported fish into aquariums; has a long and popular history, where it was originally known as the “princess of Burundi” in the early 1970’s. In regards to its name “Fairy cichlid”, this refers to the slightly ethereal colouration, of bluish fade with lyretail and flowing fins. Growing to approximately 5 inches, it does best in medium sized aquaria, where it will explore confidently as long as it isn’t subject to bullying. Being relatively peaceful, it tends to keep to itself and does well within a group of its own kind. It appreciates rockwork and a sandy substrate to explore. They are not fussy and accept a variety of foods, making this a solid choice for beginners and seasoned fishkeepers alike.

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