Melanotaenia boesemani


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Offering Melanotaenia boesemani (Boeseman’s Rainbowfish).

A relatively larger rainbowfish, growing to approximately 5 inches, boesmani display a wonderful variation in colouration, from orange through to blue, as such making for stunning aquarium display fish. A large and deep-bodied fish, they do well in large planted set-ups where they can shoal in numbers, with vegetation helping them feel secure. As with other rainbowfish, their colours develop with maturity, given time and good conditions they will display their full range of colours as they approach adulthood. A mixed diet of flake, pellets, live and or frozen foods will help maintain their health, they are unfussy eaters and adapt to different water parameters. Aim to house them with other peaceful community fish that will neither bully them or outcompete for food. A tight fitting lid is also a necessity, as these are powerful fish that can jump clear of tanks if frightened.

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