Macrognathus zebrinus


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Offering Macrognathus zebrinus (Zebra Spiny Eel).

A peaceful addition to the community aquarium, indian peacock eels grow to approximately 6 – 7 inches, displaying a yellow line on its body in between darker shades of brown and black. They are shy fish when first added to aquaria, burying themselves completely in the substrate (if substrate is soft enough to allow this), with only their head peeking out inquisitively. They have small mouths, and prefer to forage in low light, requiring live or frozen foods primarily, though they can still prey on small fish such as neons that sleep near the bottom of the aquarium at night. Given enough time, and an environment that allows them to feel secure (soft digging substrate, dense vegetation), they can become quite friendly with their owners, even feeding by hand in some instances and draping themselves over plants while they survey their surroundings.

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