Herotilapia multispinosa



Offering Herotilapia multispinosa (Rainbow Cichlid).

One of the smaller varieties of central American cichlids available, the rainbow cichlid can be expected to grow to approximately 3 inches in aquaria. Characterised by their rainbow colouration, hence their name they are popular due to this colouration, their small size and peaceful disposition for a cichlid. Easy to are for with regular water changes, they can be housed with other peaceful fish including small tetras, catfish and peaceful cichlids such as discus. Aim to provide a balanced diet including flake, pellets live and/or frozen, with vegetable matter being greatly appreciated as algae makes up a significant part of their diet in the wild. Breeding is easily achieved in a densely planted, decorated set-up where both sexes will clean an area such as slate or rock, before laying their eggs. Fry are then raised and protected by both parents.

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