Rummy Nose Tetra (Hemigrammus rhodostomus)


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Offering Hemigrammus rhodostomus.

Found in the Amazon Basin, the Rummy Nose Tetra is an intriguing tetra so named for its red rosey head colour, set against a silver body and chequered tail. Growing to roughly 2 inches maximum, this is a shoaling fish that does well in numbers of 12 and more creating a stunning visual display when housed in aquaria that allows them to explore as a large group from side to side. With their peaceful nature and tolerance of slightly higher temperature, they are often housed with discus fish but make perfect inhabitants for virtually any community set-up. Avoid housing them with aggressive, predatory fish such as cichlids. They will readily accept a variety of foods such as flake, pellet, dried, live, or frozen, a balanced diet will help maintain their health and longevity.

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