Green Torpedo Snail


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Offering Green Torpedo Snail (Cipangopaludina Leucythoides).

Species of the genus Cipangopaludina can be identified by their relatively large globose shells and concentrically marked opercula. The shell is conical and thin but solid, with a sharp apex and relatively higher spire and distant body whorl. This species has a small and round umbilicus and the spire is produced at an angle of 65 – 80 °. Cipangopaludina leucythoides exhibits light colouration as a juvenile and olive green or greenish-brown as an adult. The inner colouration is orange. The surface of the shell is smooth with clear growth lines. The shell has 5.0 – 6.0 whorls. Cipangopaludina leucythoides is a large gastropod species generally 40 mm in shell height and 30 mm in shell width. The shell height can reach up to 60 mm. Has a width to height ratio of 0.74 – 0.82. The aperture is ovoid with a simple outer lip and inner lip.

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