Golden Sunset Shrimp


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Offered Golden Sunset Shrimp (Caridina sp.).

A golden yellow variety of the cherry shrimp, it is a peaceful and intriguing addition to the hobby gaining popularity from countries such as Germany. They require clean water with materials to graze on, leaves such as catappa, tantora, mulberry and guava develop biofilm that provide food and antibacterial qualities. Conversely, shrimp food can be supplied, taking care not to overfeed and pollute the water quality. Avoid housing with aggressive, predatory or overly large fish, since shrimp are often irresistible and easy pickings. Housed in their own aquarium or with nano fish that won’t pester them too much, shrimp will breed and multiply to a level that the tank can support their numbers, making for rewarding breeding projects or simple enjoyment.

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