Garra flavatra


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Offering Garra flavatra (Panda Garra).

Garra: vernacular Gangetic name for a particular species of “sand-digger,” which Francis Buchanan-Hamilton applied as a generic name for bottom-dwelling cyprinids “with no affinity to another genus”. Flavatra: from the Latin flavus, meaning ‘yellow’, and ater, meaning ‘black’, in reference to this species’ distinctive colour pattern. Endemic to the Rakhine Yoma, Arakan mountain range in Rakhine state, western Myanmar, which forms a natural barrier cutting off the state from the remainder of the country. It was originally collected from a handful of streams and rivers of the western, interior, slopes, but Dr. Sven Kullander told SF that it was abundant where encountered and almost certainly has a wider distribution his team had only four days in which to complete their fieldwork which proved insufficient to explore the region fully. Subsequent commercial collections may therefore have occured at localities additional to those given in the description paper.

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