Dario sp. Myanmar


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Offering Dario sp. Myanmar (Black Tiger Dario).

Appears endemic to northern Myanmar and possibly to the state of Kachin, close to the city of Myitkyina. A pair of males from separate localities were included in the type series of D. hysginon (see ‘Notes’) with details given as ‘stream about 1.5 km on road Myitzon-Myitkyina’ and ‘ditch marginal to fish ponds about 40 km N Myitkyina, on road to Myitzon’ (Kullander and Britz, 2002). Best-maintained in a well-structured arrangement with plenty of cover. A soft substrate is preferable although fine-grade gravel is acceptable, while ideal plants include Cryptocoryne spp. or those that can be grown attached to the décor such as Microsorum, Anubias, or Taxiphyllum species.

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