Corydoras virginiae


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Offering Corydoras virginiae (Miguelito Cory).

Found around Peru, Corydoras Virginiae are an attractive species of cory, recognisable by their pale, white bodies with two distinctive dark patches located on the head and body at its dorsal fin. Totally peaceful. and growing to an average corydoras size of around 2 inches, they are ideal community inhabitants, provided they are housed with species that will neither outcompete them for food or bully them. Feeding is a simple affair, these catfish will eagerly accept flake, pellet, and most commercial foods, benefitting from live and frozen foods also. Aim to keep these cories in groups of at least 5, this will encourage natural behaviour, security and adults may also breed. A naturally decorated tank with soft substrate such as sand, with heavy vegetation and dim lighting will help this species feel secure in their surroundings.

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