Corydoras sterbai


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Offering Corydoras sterbai (Sterba’s Cory).

The sterbai cory, from Bolivia and Brazil is a strikingly coloured corydoras, displaying numerous gold spots on its brown body, with intricate tail patterns and gold adorned pectoral fins. Growing to nearly 3 inches, its among the larger corydoras available with a stocky head and body. Its natural habitat consists of small river systems, therefore a soft substrate with wood and rocky decorations go well to providing a secure aquarium for it to display natural behaviours. Aim to keep it in groups of 5+ with peaceful tankmates, its also well worth noting that these corydoras are a little more sensitive to water quality than other cories so regular clean water changes will keep them healthy, along with a balanced diet of flake, wafers, pellets and live, frozen foods. Keep an eye out for them darting to the surface for air. While this is a natural behaviour, excessive surfacing can be indicative of water quality issues.

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