Corydoras pygmaeus


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Offering Corydoras pygmaeus (Pygmy Cory).

A popular alternative to the standard corydoras catfish, pygmy corydoras grow to a maximum size of approximately 1 inch, shoaling tightly with other pygmies to create visually stunning aquarium displays. For best results, aim to keep them in heavily planted tanks with dim lighting mimicking their natural environment and helping to bring out natural behaviours. They are peaceful, curious and playful fish and require carefully chosen tankmates to do well. Larger fish may eat them, or outcompete them for food due to their timid personalities. A balanced diet will help to keep them in best health, with foods chosen to match their small mouth size. They do best kept in aquariums with plants and hiding places for security, with a soft sandy substrate to protect their barbels as they actively sift for food. For maximum visual effect, these catfish often do well in aquariums alongside peaceful mid-dwellers and top dwellers

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