Corydoras panda


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Offering Corydoras panda  (Panda Cory).

So called for its large, black colouration around its eyes the panda cory is a stunning little corydoras catfish. In aquaria they have an off-white colouration, offset by their eye colouration. Under certain light they also give off a metallic green colour. Growing to a length of roughly 2 inches, they prefer fast flowing clean water with sandy substrate and natural décor such as wood and rock. They will happily shoal with other corydoras species in a variety of water temperatures, however they are happier kept in the lower end e.g. 18 – 20 degrees. It will accept a wide variety of foods, including flake, pellets, wafers, live and frozen foods. Make sure to keep up on water changes as this species can be sensitive to poor water quality. Kept well, you can expect this fish to live in excess of 10 years they are ideal community aquarium inhabitants, quickly establishing themselves as family favourites.

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