Corydoras melini (Wild Caught)


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Offering Corydoras melini (False Bandit Cory).

The False Bandit Corydoras, so named for its similarity to the bandit corydoras, hails from South America, growing to approximately 2 inches. Enjoying relatively warm water of 22 – 26 degrees, they benefit from a diet including frozen and live foods, with some commercial foods throw in, as closely approximated to their wild diet of worms, crustaceans, insects and plants as possible. Handle them with care, like most corydoras species they will readily lock their pectoral fins, which can cause a potentially toxic sting if you’re not careful. They are robust corydoras with intriguing colour patterns, being very active in their shoals. Being wild caught, our corydoras display natural behaviours and as such make good choices for biotope type aquaria.

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