Corydoras habrosus


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Offering Corydoras habrosus (Salt And Pepper Cory)

Rarer than other commonly found corydoras catfish, these little characters grow to a maximum of 35 mm and are best kept in large shoals where they will express behaviours typical of their natural habitat in Venezuala. Recommended for aquariums of 50 + litres, in shoals of at least 10 they prefer a soft, sandy substrate in slow moving water. They are active omnivores, eating flake, pellet, live and vegetable based foods. While an active scavenger, they do require regular feeding to keep them healthy. Like other corydoras catfish, kept in clean water with regular, small coldwater changes to simulate rainfall they may actively breed. Fry do best over a thin layer of sand, with microworms being an excellent first food once yolk sacs have been absorbed. To see these catfish as part of a shoal in a planted tank with driftwood, is to truly appreciate their beautiful appeal.

Wild caught, these fish have all their natural instincts for natural enthusiasts.

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