Corydoras elegans


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Offering Corydoras elegans (Elegant Cory).

The elegant cory, gets its name from its interesting behaviour of swimming at the top levels of aquaria much unlike other corydoras catfish that tend to primarily inhabit the substrate level. It has dark lines lengthways down its body, with grey and black intricate markings on its olive body. On average they grow to 2 inches, with a preferred water temperature of 22 – 26 degrees. Kept in groups, its easy to see why they appear elegant, with a smooth swimming fashion that is almost hypnotic. Recommended to keep in groups of 6 or more, they do well in aquariums 70 + litres. They will accept a wide variety of foods, including flake, wafers, pellets and live or frozen. Clean, regularly changed water is a must, as are suitable companions that won’t harass or nip them. Avoid overly active or aggressive fish such as barbs and cichlids, instead consider peaceful fish such as tetras.

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