Corydoras arcuatus (Wild Caught)


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Offering Corydoras arcuatus (C020 Skunk Cory).

The skunk cory, or sand’s cory cat as it was originally known is an incredibly striking catfish from the Rio Negro River known for its white body with black stripes covering its eyes, and uniformly down its back. Easily fed with flake, pellets and wafers to keep this little fish healthy, supplement live/frozen foods to really bring out its colours. For a spectacular aquarium display, aim to keep in groups of 6 + where natural, playful behaviours are displayed. They prefer a relatively strong current, based on their natural river habitat. Soft, sandy substrates, wood and rocks all help to create a relaxing and secure environment for them. Recommended tank size is 70 litres or more, these catfish grow to a maximum of 2 inches and are entirely peaceful however like most corydoras catfish they can lock their pectoral fins if attacked, so careful handling is needed.

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