Chinese Trapdoor Snail


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Offering Chinese Trapdoor Snail (Cipangopaludina chinensis).

The Chinese trapdoor snail, or Chinese mystery snail as it’s also known by, is a larger freshwater snail in the aquarium trade so named for its ability to pull closed its operculum, a plate that protects its soft body to prevent harm from predators and avoid drying out.

Growing to a size of approximately 2 inches, this snail prefers slow moving water, where it can dredge through soft muddy substrates and prefers water temperatures between 20 – 28 degrees.

Perhaps its most valuable attributes, are that while being entirely peaceful it’s known not to eat aquarium plants, they are relatively long lived (4 – 5 years), they will not overpopulate an aquarium and will close up their shells if there is a problem with water quality. This can prove very cost effective for rectifying problems before more valuable stock such as rare fish are affected.

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