Carinotetraodon travancoricus


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Offering Carinotetraodon travancoricus (Indian Yellow Dwarf Puffer).

Otherwise known as the Malabar Puffer, it’s famous for being possibly the smallest freshwater pufferfish, from India. Intriguingly, they determine their own sex as they mature, with females being plumper and slightly bigger than males. They are amazingly inquisitive fish, surveying their environment, owners, and any happenings within their tank with a dog like curiosity, facilitated by their two independently controlled eyes. Their diet should consist of mostly frozen live foods, they will also benefit from the addition of snails to their diet, which will display natural hunting behaviours, and help control their dentition. Tank mates should be chosen with care, as puffers tend to investigate primarily using their teeth, which can inadvertently stress and or directly injure other fish, leading to disease and death. Dwarf puffers can be sensitive to water conditions, therefore aim to maintain them in aquaria of at least 20 litres with fresh water.

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