Aulonocara stuartgranti «Blue Neon»


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Offering Aulonocara stuartgranti «Blue Neon» (Blue Neon Peacock).

The Aulonocara stuartgranti (Chiwindi) or Blue Neon Peacock is a highly sought after peacock cichlid. This species of Aulonocara is native to the waters of Chiwindi and Mozambique in Lake Malawi (the Undu Reef strain is another popular strain of Blue Neon found in the hobby). Males develop a metallic blue colour on their face, dorsal and anal fins. Their body develops a bright yellow colour that starts at their gills and runs down to their tail. Their pelvic fins will also develop the same bright yellow colour. The Blue Neon Chiwindi looks fairly similar to the popular Usisya Flavescent Peacock accept the flavescent has more black colour in the dorsal and anal fins. Males will get to be about 6″ in length and females will be a little smaller.

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