Aulonocara stuartgranti «Albino»


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Offering  Aulonocara stuartgranti «Albino» (Albino Peacock Cichlid).

An intriguing variety of peacock cichlid, growing to approximately 5 inches, they are valued for their albinism including red eyes. As with other peacock cichlids they benefit from a rocky, sandy set-up around which they can socialise, challenge for territory and engage in breeding behaviour. An aggressive cichlid, it is somewhat milder than many other African cichlids and can easily be assimilated into a busy community where it shouldn’t pose a problem. Many fishkeepers will actively mix this variant with other peacocks such as yellow, blue and red to create a dazzling display of activity in their tanks. Aim to provide a mixed diet for these fish, with plenty of regular water changes to maintain their health.

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