Aulonocara jacobfreibergi «Eureka Red»


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Offering Aulonocara jacobfreibergi «Eureka Red» (Eureka Red Peacock Cichlid).

A strikingly coloured breeding strain African cichlid from the Malawi Butterfly, the Eureka Red is a popular addition due to its metallic blue and red colouration, and relative mild nature. Males are likely to grow to approximately 7 inches, with females reaching just below. It’s highly recommended to provide a sandy substrate, with plenty of rockwork to establish territories, protection and stimulation for the fish. Being a carnivorous fish, the eureka red requires a high protein diet which can be achieved through flake foods, pellets with helpings of live and, or frozen foods. Bloodworm will help bring out their colouration. Interestingly, this species can hybridize. So avoid keeping it with similar species to prevent this. The fish reproduces through mouth brooding, with females storing the fry in her mouth while the male stands guard.

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