Astronotus ocellatus «Lutino Tiger»


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Offering Astronotus ocellatus «Lutino Tiger» (Lutino Tiger Oscar Cichlid).

A very popular cichlid, the Oscar grows to a large size of approximately 12 inches in aquaria renowned for their personality and greedy feeding habits. Large aquariums of 300+ litres are needed to appropriately house these fish, where they will re-arrange tank decorations as they see fit and uprooting plants easily. A varied diet is best, they will voraciously accept anything offered but no matter the temptation, they should be fed fish safe foods only, including dried, frozen, live and commercial foods. Tank mates must be chosen with great care, Oscars can and will attempt to swallow whole fish up to half their body size; therefore traditional community fish do not mix well. Larger tank inhabitants must also be durable or aggressive enough to defend themselves from the Oscar, who are well known bullies. Change water often and in great quantities, this will help maintain water quality and avoid a known cichlid disease “Hole in the head”

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