Assorted Horned Nerite Snails


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Offering Assorted Horned Nerite Snails (Neritina sp.).

Found primarily in the Philippines, Horned Nerites are great additions to the aquarium owing to their small, dark carapace, protruding horns and algae eating propensity. Growing to a small size of approximately 0.7 inches, they are diminutive and inconspicuous, preferring hard water to maintain their shells.

They are superb algae eaters, fitting well into community tanks with inhabitants that won’t eat them or outcompete for food. They are good escape artists, therefore a tight lid is recommended.

In the absence of algae for them to eat, aim to provide vegetable tablets or vegetables that will sink to the bottom for them to graze on. These snails will not breed in freshwater therefore there is no risk of overpopulation.

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