Andinoacara rivulatus


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Offering Andinoacara rivulatus (Green Terror).

An absolutely stunning South American cichlid as its colours develop, the Green Terror is recognisable by its torpedo shaped body, elegant finnage and bright blue, green metallic colouration and orange fins. Growing to a maximum reported size of 12 inches, specimens often top out around 8 inches of pure muscle, living up to their names even at smaller sizes as they relentlessly chase other fish. Due to this aggressive nature, tankmates should be able to both defend themselves and deal with territorial disputes, large cichlids are often housed with green terrors. They will readily accept flake, pellets, live or frozen foods, eating voraciously. Despite their large adult size, green terrors are well known as slow growers, this should be taken into account when housing with other cichlids such as Oscars, which are likely to quickly outgrow and pose a threat.

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