African Dwarf Frog


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Offering African Dwarf Frog (Hymenochirus boettgeri).

Growing to approximately 1 inch in size, african dwarf frogs are small, playful characters that do well in small groups.

Aim to keep them in relatively low water height, this is due to their habit of darting to the water surface for gulps of air; which can be affected in higher tanks.

They will feed greedily on frozen, live bloodworm, with females being significantly thicker than the smaller males. In breeding mode, the males will sing to females creating a low, raspy burbling noise if you listen carefully. These frogs are also well known for their adoption of “zen” poses, whereupon they will float or sink down in often comedic stances.

They are very peaceful aquaria inhabitants, and should be houses with fish that will not attempt to eat or peck at them. Relying heavily on their sense of smell, fish may also outcompete them for food.

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