Clown Killifish (epiplatys annulatus)

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Clown Killifish, native to West Africa; are strikingly coloured, small killifish, identifiable by their black and yellow striped bodies. Males of the species display fascinating blue, orange and red coloured tails; that resemble a rocket taking off, with both sexes displaying piercing bright neon eyes and shiny upper head.

Suitable for nano aquaria, right up to larger set-ups; in it's natural habitat the clown killi can be found in less than one inch of water, they are often therefore found at the waters surface skimming for morsels.

Aim to create a stillwater environment with minimal flow to mimic their natural habitat, with dried leaf litter covering the aquarium floor. Some driftwood will also aid their security, and help push water ph down.

This species does prefer a lower water ph, which is conducive to breeding; this can be achieved by using either active substrates that buffer ph down, RO water, driftwood, or they can be acclimated to your own local water supply with care.

Given their small size, tank mates must be chosen wisely, both in terms of competition and direct threat to the clown killi; diet also comes into play, with small live foods such as microworm providing vital nutrients; along with some commercial foods such as finely powdered flake food. 



Clown Killi

Bought these a few months back, they are in very good health; colours are superb, attempting to breed these now!

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Clown Killifish (epiplatys annulatus)

Clown Killifish (epiplatys annulatus)

Clown Killifish (epiplatys annulatus) x 1

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