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Pearl Danio

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Pearl Danio 

(Danio Albolineatus)

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A popular shoaling fish in aquaria, pearl danio's grow to approximately 2 inches, and are known for their pearlescent sheen.

Found in clear rivers and streams, they appreciate a shoal of their own kind to mingle with and display natural behaviours. Décor should aim to mimic their natural environment, with wood, stone, gravel, sand and plants all welcome.

They will readily feed on commercial as well as live/frozen foods, with a varied diet recommended to maintain their health and vibrancy. Given adequate care they can live for up to 5 years.




Bought 10 zebra danio for our sons tank. Great wee fish from a great supplier. Highly recommend

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Pearl Danio

Pearl Danio

Pearl Danio 

(Danio Albolineatus)

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