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skunk corydoras (wild caught)

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Skunk Cory

(corydoras arcuatus)

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The skunk cory, or sand's cory cat as it was originally known; is an incredibly striking catfish from the Rio Negro River; known for its white body with black stripes covering its eyes, and uniformly down its back.

Easily fed with flake, pellets and wafers; to keep this little fish healthy, supplement live/frozen foods to really bring out its colours.

For a spectacular aquarium display, aim to keep in groups of 6+ where natural, playful behaviours are displayed. They prefer a relatively strong current, based on their natural river habitat. Soft, sandy substrates, wood and rocks all help to create a relaxing and secure environment for them.

Recommended tank size is 70 litres or more, these catfish grow to a maximum of 2 inches and are entirely peaceful; however like most corydoras catfish they can lock their pectoral fins if attacked, so careful handling is needed!



Great little fish to any community aquarium

Bought 6 of these little guys from Huw about 6 months ago and they are still going strong. Really active and playful giving life to any tank, highly recommended

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skunk corydoras (wild caught)

skunk corydoras (wild caught)

Skunk Cory

(corydoras arcuatus)

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