Whiptail Catfish (rineloricaria lanceolata) View larger

Whiptail Catfish (rineloricaria lanceolata)

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An intriguing catfish found around Costa Rica, the whiptail catfish gains its name from its elongated tail that resembles a whip.

Growing to an average of 4-6 inches, the whiptail catfish is found in a variety of habitats including streams, rivers, as well as slow moving water with sandy bottoms.

Highly suitable for beginners due to their tolerance to poor water quality, these catfish are also very peaceful; and can be kept with virtually any fish that doesn't pose a danger to them.

Keep them happy by stocking in groups of 5+, with lighting kept dimmed in tanks of 75 litres or more.


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Whiptail Catfish (rineloricaria lanceolata)

Whiptail Catfish (rineloricaria lanceolata)

Whiptail Catfish x 1

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