South American Bumblebee (Microglanis Iheringi) View larger

South American Bumblebee (Microglanis Iheringi)

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South American Bumblebee Catfish x 1

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The South American Bumblebee catfish, is a beautiful, elusive character in aquaria found in Venezuala and Colombia.

Vibrantly coloured with gold and bronze patches, it grows to around 2 inches in length; making it a suitable fish for relatively smaller aquaria (60 litres +).

It will readily feed on pellets, wafers; flakes and frozen/live foods, however despite its smll size and peaceful nature; this catfish can and will eat smaller tankmates such as neon tetras at night when it is most active.

They enjoy a softer sand substrate, with natural decoration such as wood and plants that they will dart in amongst while hiding.


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South American Bumblebee (Microglanis Iheringi)

South American Bumblebee (Microglanis Iheringi)

South American Bumblebee Catfish x 1

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