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Banjo Catfish (bunocephalus coracoideus)

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Growing up to 6 inches, the banjo catfish is an addition from the Amazon rainforest. Perhaps unsurprisingly, they get their name from their similarity to a banjo; with a thin body that allows them to bed into sand and remain hidden.

They prefer sand and wood, as this helps them camouflage; and prefer an average tropical temperature around 24 degrees.

They will accept a wide variety of foods including flake, pellets, wafers and/or live and frozen; preferring to shoal in schools under cover of darkness.

They are entirely peaceful, only being a threat to baby guppies or baby neon tetras.


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Banjo Catfish (bunocephalus coracoideus)

Banjo Catfish (bunocephalus coracoideus)

Banjo Catfish x 1

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