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Dwarf anchor catfish (Hara Jerdoni)

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The dwarf anchor catfish, otherwise known as the Asian moth catfish or Asian stone cat; is a small catfish growing to just under one inch, found in East Asia.

A relatively unknown catfish in aquaria, it gets its name from having a thin body; with wide arching pectoral fins, like a ships anchor.

They prefer a sandy bottom, and can also be kept in groups to witness their natural behaviours.

Best kept with indian fish such as danios, raspboras, barbs and loaches; they prefer cool, well kept water with plenty of water changes. Slow moving water is also preferred.

Feed live and frozen foods primarily, along with catfish pellets and/or vegetable wafers to provide a balanced diet.



Good quality and service

Love these little catfish, great for nano tanks and great price for good quality stock.

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Dwarf anchor catfish (Hara Jerdoni)

Dwarf anchor catfish (Hara Jerdoni)

Dwarf anchor catfish x 1

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