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Otocinclus catfish (dwarf suckers)

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The otocinclus catfish, or dwarf suckermouths as they are alternatively known as; are a peaceful, popular little fish well known for its role in tackling aquarium algae.

Growing to around an inch, they do best kept in groups; where they will actively remove algae from plants, ornaments, and aquarium glass. They are so effective at eating algae, that it is often necessary to supplement their diet with vegetable or catfish pellets.

Due to their difficulty in breeding in captivity, all otocinclus are wild caught. Their peculiar name comes from their head area, which displays interesting lattice like patterns.

Highly recommended for peaceful aquariums with companions such as tetras, in well kept aquariums they will live for several years. 


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Otocinclus catfish (dwarf suckers)

Otocinclus catfish (dwarf suckers)

Otocinclus Catfish x 1

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