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Super Red Bristlenose Catfish (ancistrus)

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The bristlenose catfish, or ancistrus catfish as it is also known; is a long time aquarium favourite due to its small size, peaceful nature; and incredible algae eating skills.

Found in South America, these little plecos are far more manageable than larger pleco's; as they grow to a maximum size of 5 inches, and tend to hang onto their appetite for algae compared to larger fish.

Best kept in tanks around 80 litres or more, they can be bred relatively easily; with males displaying significantly more bristles than females.

They will quickly demolish algae in tanks, whereupon their diet should be supplemented with a suitable wafer, pellet; or blanched vegetables.

Kept well, you can expect these fish to last for years; they can be kept with a wide variety of fish, that don't pose a danger to them.

Natural sandy substrates are preferred, along with driftwood hiding places and generous vegetation to keep them comfortable


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Super Red Bristlenose Catfish (ancistrus)

Super Red Bristlenose Catfish (ancistrus)

Super Red Bristlenose Catfish x 1

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