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rainbow cichlid 5cm

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One of the smaller varieties of central American cichlids available, the rainbow cichlid can be expected to grow to approximately 3 inches in aquaria. Characterised by their rainbow colouration, hence their name; they are popular due to this colouration, their small size; and peaceful disposition for a cichlid.

Easy to are for with regular water changes, they can be housed with other peaceful fish including small tetras, catfish and peaceful cichlids such as discus.

Aim to provide a balanced diet including flake, pellets; live and/or frozen, with vegetable matter being greatly appreciated as algae makes up a significant part of their diet in the wild.

Breeding is easily achieved in a densely planted, decorated set-up; where both sexes will clean an area such as slate or rock, before laying their eggs. Fry are then raised and protected by both parents.



Smashing fish

Bought two both are doing great can’t wait to see there colour come though 5 stars

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rainbow cichlid 5cm

rainbow cichlid 5cm

rainbow cichlid 5cm x 1

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