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Sajica Cichlid (Crytoheros Sajica)

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A beautifully coloured cichlid from Costa Rica, closely related to the convict cichlid; with the difference that it displays far more vibrant colours, with a calmer disposition.

Growing to approximately 5 inches, they are solid bodied cichlids; doing well in tanks of 150 litres and more. Aim to feed a balanced diet including flake, dried, frozen and live foods; this will help bring out their colouration and maintain health.

These fish do well in moderate cichlid communities, however large, and aggressive fish should be avoided; as well as small tetra's that may be eaten.


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Sajica Cichlid (Crytoheros Sajica)

Sajica Cichlid (Crytoheros Sajica)

Sajica Cichlid (Crytoheros Sajica) x 1

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