Super VC10 Cichlid  (Placidochromis milomo) 5cm View larger

Super VC10 Cichlid (Placidochromis milomo)

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Super VC10 Cichlid  (Placidochromis milomo)  x 1

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Endemic to Lake Malawi, the Super VC10 cichlid; growing to approximately 10 inches, requires a large aquarium containing plentiful rock work, open areas of water and a snady substrate.

Aim for a balanced diet from flake, pellets, live and/or frozen foods, as well as vegetable matter in the form of spirulina for example.

Males and females are similar in appearance, though males will invariably become larger, more colourful with slightly longer fins.

Its slightly peculiar name is given from a type of fast aeroplane, not in terms of appearance but due to its evasiveness in nature.


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Super VC10 Cichlid  (Placidochromis milomo)

Super VC10 Cichlid (Placidochromis milomo)

Super VC10 Cichlid  (Placidochromis milomo)  x 1

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