In this category you will find all available tropical fish we can offer:

cichlids, livebearers, killifish, catfish, rainbowfish, tetras, loaches etc.

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  • Catfish

    In this category we offer catfish species from

    South America, Africa and Asia.

  • African Cichlids

    African cichlids are a highly popular species of fish, originating

    most commonly from Lake Malawi and Tanganyika; they are

    sought after for their impressive range of colours, feisty

    temperaments and intelligence.

  • American Cichlids

    Cichlids from the Americas, this highly diverse species of fish are either loved or hated by

    hobbyists; they are generally characterised as large-bodied, intelligent fish; displaying a wide

    variety of colours, shapes and behaviours.

    There are varieties to suit everyone, from

    smaller species fitting well into community

    tanks; to large tank busters!

  • Characins (Tetra's)


    The characin family of fish contain some

    of the most popular tetra species available in the hobby,

    as well as the most intimidating such as piranha!

    We offer a wide selection of your favourites!

  • Loaches

    Often identified as bottom dwellers for the aquarium, this group

    comprises a diverse group of fish of varying colours, body

    shapes and behaviours. They differ from bottom dwelling

    catfish in that they are mostly active throughout

    the day, and are more closely related to barbs,

    danios and minnows!

  • Livebearers

    Including popular aquarium favourites such as

    mollies, guppies, swordtails and platies among

    much more; livebearing fish are those that give

    birth to free swimming, fully formed fry.

    Typically they are easy to

    breed, with successful rearing of fry rewarding

    beginners and advanced aquarists alike. They

    are typically seen in community tanks due to

    their peaceful natures.

  • Cyprinids

    Comprised of popular freshwater favourites

    including tiger barbs, danios, and silver sharks;

    it is known for being the largest family of fish,

    all of which are egg layers.

    Many cyprinids are specialised herbivores,

    and are known for being generally peaceful

  • Oddballs

    Browse our selection of weird and wonderful

    miscellaneous fish such as the Senegal bichir

    and more

  • Anabantids

    A family of fish, well known for

    their possession of a labyrinth organ in their

    head, allowing for breathing of atmospheric

    oxygen. Includes favourites such as the

    Betta (Siamese fighter) and Gourami varieties

  • Rainbowfish

    A colourful family of fish from Australia, New Guinea

    and Idonesia, they are popular for their often striking

    colouration and peaceful demeanour; fitting in well to

    community display aquaria

  • Dwarf Cichlids


    Dwarf Cichlids, highly colourful

    and personable smaller sized

    fish popular among breeders

    includes apistogramma species

  • Killifish

    Killifish (Creek fish), a unique species

    of fish, noted for their annual, and

    non-annual breeding cycles;

    striking colours and finnage

  • Coldwater

    Offering a variety of goldfish

    of different shapes and sizes!

  • Nano Fish

    A selection of tropical freshwater fish, most suited to nano aquaria

    due to their small size and space requirements.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 347 items